Knowing how to face challenges

Using every physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual resources.

Contemporary society is increasingly complex and requires human beings to adapt constantly and rapidly to continuous changes. At any time, we must be reachable, available and efficient to match the models conveyed by advertising and consumer society. The requirement for economic competitiveness and profitability has trivialized the idea of performing ever more tasks with ever fewer people in ever less time.

To face all of these challenges, the individual needs to mobilize all his physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual resources.

Integral coaching today

An existential crisis is the opportunity to review certain aspects of our life and to choose freedom. The individual will have to work on himself in order to (re)become the author of his life. Integral coaching offers you the necessary tools to successfully overcome these new challenges with serenity.

The coaching programs offered help everyone to find the necessary resources for change and to implement them. The human ability to self-improve allows us to access a balanced way of life, thus increasing our resilience and allowing us to regain the deep serenity called the flow.

Integral Coaching for you

You will acquire a global knowledge of your inner resources whether they are physical, psychological, emotional or spiritual.

With the help of Living Sense’s systemic approach to integral coaching, you will be more lucid and objective about the changes to be made and will be able to implement them. This inner journey will reveal your ability to affirm yourself by clarifying your deepest expectations.

Your resilience will increase, allowing you to calmly manage your challenges and address new perspectives.

The integral coaching phases

The program’s course allows us to work on ourselves in order to determine our deepest expectations, to identify our obstacles and to highlight the resources we unconsciously have at our disposal. Thus, we will assume the behaviours to be modified. Finding the right solution within yourself makes it possible to anchor them in our subconscious and make them acquired sustainably.

Through non-judgmental support, integral coaching allows people confronted with an existential crisis, or a situation generating uneasiness to find within themselves the means of action to get out of it and leave the “hamster wheel”.

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