Thomas Walther

Integral Coach

During his 30-year tenure as a judicial police officer with the cantons and the Confederation, Thomas Walther had the opportunity to discover the depths of our society. But he also learned that wherever there was dark, there was also light. He knows what it means when he talks about emergency measures, difficult decisions, change management, stress, resilience or psychosomatic health. He knows the benefits of meditation, compassion and mutual respect that allow you to stay calm even in the most delicate situations and to regenerate yourself as quickly as possible.

In his fifties, Thomas Walther decided to listen to his heart, to give a new direction to his life and to embark on a new adventure with the living sense Coaching Institute based in Bürglen with its subsidiaries in Bern, Zurich and Mannheim. He founded walthom coaching & consulting, a company specialised in the support of people in difficult life phases and then, with a franchise agreement for French-speaking Switzerland, the “Académie de coaching living sense Sàrl” (Coaching academy living sense LLC) and the “Académie pour une conscience intégrale soul sense Sàrl” (Academy for integral awareness LLC), as well as the Golden Age Academy which supports people from the age of 50 in setting up their third, or from their retirement in setting up their fourth career.

Partner and manager of these companies, he also works as an instructor, coach and trainer specialized in stress management, resilience, psychosomatic health, and also as a Reiki master.